Friday, July 8, 2011


I've been having more of those dreams. You know, the ones where I walk around the apartment with no control over myself while a woman in a wooden mask watches? They're getting more frequent, and weirder. The other day I dreamed that I was being lifted into the air by invisible strings, and I flew over the couches until I was lowered, and I couldn't move and could crumple down onto the carpet, unable to even blink even though my eyes stung. My eyes stayed wide open and they stung and I could not blink.

Last night's somehow managed to top even that one in the weirdness scale. I dreamed that as I was stepping out of my room, I could see a line of... well, I would say "insects" but that would be inaccurate. "Arthropods" then. Flies and wasps and spiders and centipedes and roaches and cicadas and fireflies and grasshoppers and crickets and dragonflies... every single kind of "bug" that lives nearby. They formed a line and they were moving into Jess' room. I wanted to look inside and see if she was alright, but my neck and head wouldn't move, and I felt my feet carrying me away from it.

This morning she was fine and I was fine.

But her other rat was dead.

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