Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'd forgotten about this little blog.

Don't worry, I'm fine. She can no longer touch me, because Jess is protecting me.

You see, I went back home, and all those little bugs that came crawling out of Jess? I realized that they were Jess. I fed them, and they welcomed me. Jess lives on through them. Don't you see?

She keeps sending people after me, but that just won't do. Whenever I see one of Her dolls, I attack first, and I bring the doll to Jess, and Jess eats it. And Jess protects me from Her when She gets mad.

The other day She sent a little girl after me. I wasn't fooled. I will never be fooled. Do you know how many people She has? How many people are after me?

So many. Too many. Jess will protect me from them. Jess will kill them and eat them all. All the bad people will die. Jess will protect me.

I won't post on this blog anymore. She uses it to know what I'm doing. She has people everywhere. Even the police. All the police are Hers. I know from the way they watch me.

But Jess will protect me. I love you Jess.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

On the Run

It's been a week since I ran away. I haven't felt Her strings around me since then. Did I escape?

I stayed at a friend's house the first night, but after that I started going to cheap motels. I'm running out of money for that.

But I can't go back home. Not after what I saw there.

It was a normal day until Jess suddenly clutched her stomach and started gasping for breath. Then she screamed. I tried to talk to her. I wanted to know what was wrong. But all she did was scream.

And then there was blood on her shirt. There was blood oozing down her stomach.

And things were moving there. Beneath her shirt. Beneath her skin.

Last time I mentioned those bugs, I called them the "Intrusion." I think that's what I was seeing now. But these ones were smaller. And more numerous.

They were children.

They'd just hatched.

They were hungry.

They came spewing out of Jess's body, eating their way out of her. She screamed and screamed until finally the screams died and became gurgles and she slumped to the ground and still the Intrusion came forth from her.

I couldn't save her.

I ran.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Day

What a lovely day. I have been having so much fun lately.

Over the weekend, Jess and I went to see Captain America. It was swell.

I think I am finally getting over my ex-girlfriend. It's not my fault she dumped me.

They're promoting me at work.

What a great time to be alive!

help me

Thursday, July 21, 2011


She lies. I'm free right now. Don't listen to her lies. My hands typed that message. She typed that message.

I am NOT fine. All is NOT good. This is NOT just a story.

I can hear Jess coughing in the next room. It's good that She has not targeted Jess, but I get the feeling that that's because Jess has been taken by something else.

Whenever I have those... "dreams"... the bugs are there. Going into her room. Entering into her while she sleeps.

A group of cockroaches is called an "Intrusion". That sounds about right. Those bugs entering Jess's body-- the Intrusion.

I have to go. My foot just moved a few inches to the left by itself. She is back.
I am fine thank you.

Please do not worry about me.

All is good. All those things I said were lies. I made it all up. It was just a story.

I am fine.

Do not fear.

Nothing is wrong.

Dolls should not feel.

Push this all out of your head. None of it was real.

I am fine.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Dream

I dreamed that I stood in front of my door, and on the other side I could hear the chain rattling and breaking apart. I heard a thud! as the padlock fell against the carpet. And then my hand, acting on its own, reached out and opened my door.

I stepped out into the apartment, and my legs carried me to Jess' room. I stood there, my eyes unblinking, my neck stiff as stone, watching.

Thousands of bugs from hundreds of species crawled about the walls and floor. They crawled up her bed in a grotesque mob, a sea of limbs and carapaces. They crawled into her ears, her mouth... Every opening they could find, they entered, and she slept soundly through it all.

I tried to turn away, but my body refused. I tried to close my eyes, but my eyelids wouldn't move.

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, watching as this swarm crawled all over, all in, her body. And finally I felt myself turn around.

She was there. The woman with the wooden mask. Her painted-on smile and her painted-on eyes took me in. I felt my knees bend, and suddenly I was kneeling before her.

I woke up on the couch. The chain that was on my door is gone. Jess doesn't even remember putting it on. She seems fine...

I'm not sure how much of it was a dream, and how much...

Friday, July 15, 2011

I hear it
She's in my room she's right behind me but I don't want to turn around I don't want her to know that I know she's there I can feel the strings pulling me i have to fight to kepp my hands steadyl

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