Friday, July 15, 2011


Left work early today. Said I was sick. It feels that way. Like I'm sick. I wish I was.

I only just found out: Hank is dead. The guy my dead ex-girlfriend left me for is dead.

He was in the hospital. A few weeks ago-- on June 23, according to the news report-- he was admitted. Car accident. Apparently, the night before, his breaks had been mysteriously cut.

A few days ago they found him in his hospital bed. He'd been stabbed and injected with multiple syringes, containing multiple medicines and chemicals.

Jess is going to see Harry Potter tonight. I gave her a chain and padlock and told her to chain my door shut when she gets home. I told her I was having problems with sleep-walking. She seemed concerned, but she agreed. That's good.

I hope it will be enough.

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