Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'd forgotten about this little blog.

Don't worry, I'm fine. She can no longer touch me, because Jess is protecting me.

You see, I went back home, and all those little bugs that came crawling out of Jess? I realized that they were Jess. I fed them, and they welcomed me. Jess lives on through them. Don't you see?

She keeps sending people after me, but that just won't do. Whenever I see one of Her dolls, I attack first, and I bring the doll to Jess, and Jess eats it. And Jess protects me from Her when She gets mad.

The other day She sent a little girl after me. I wasn't fooled. I will never be fooled. Do you know how many people She has? How many people are after me?

So many. Too many. Jess will protect me from them. Jess will kill them and eat them all. All the bad people will die. Jess will protect me.

I won't post on this blog anymore. She uses it to know what I'm doing. She has people everywhere. Even the police. All the police are Hers. I know from the way they watch me.

But Jess will protect me. I love you Jess.